Welcome to Faith In Prayer

Here you will find a safe place of prayer. No matter your denomination or religious affiliation, you can read or leave prayer requests.

Faith in Prayer began as a blip in the night. YHWH showed me that there is a definite need for prayer and a special place where people can congregate together for prayers sake. God is very clear, He hears us, He knows are pains and our joys. Even in your darkest moment, when you can’t bring yourself to utter the words to God that pain you the most, God knows your heart and feels your words. My favorite prayer from the Bible is found in Matthew 14 verse 30: “ Peter says “Lord save me.” The most profound three words anywhere except maybe God loves me, or I love YHWH. My point is, even if you can’t bare to say it, type it to God, “Lord save me.” This community will stand with you, we will pray for you.

Thank you for checking out Faith in Prayer. May the Lord bless you and keep you all.